Content Donors

Content Donors

Not all of our assets are purchased. Some contributions are donated to us, whether it is art, music or writing. As our special way of thanking those people who donate their work for publication, we have put together a page for each of them where fans may show their appreciation directly.

Our contributors have sent us a little bit of information about themselves, and in return for what they’ve given us, we share that information with you and give you the opportunity to support your favorite ones. Every time you see an author, musician, or artist’s name, it will have a hyperlink to that contributor’s page. From there, you can donate directly to them through PayPal without ever giving our company your billing information.

Current Contribution Categories: Artists

Fan Art vs. Donated Content

Not all publicly available derivatives of PLP intellectual property are donated content. Content donors have contacted us, offered their works to us, and given us ownership of their donation. This allows us to use all or portions of their works in whatever ways we might need as time goes forward without monetary compensation. If we use donated art in any way, the contributor will be credited for it. We will never use fan art, freely distributed stories that others have written (but not donated), or any other person’s creations without their express permission