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“Fighting for the multiplayer experience!”

Punching Love Productions is a game development company started in 2012.  Our passion is multiplayer games, whether they are competitive or cooperative. In a day and age where many people isolate themselves, the world needs more gap-closers. Food may be the best way to bring people together, but entertainment’s a close runner-up!

We are currently focused on the development of SyndeconRPG™, a Pathfinder compatible campaign setting.

Our Company Goals

Punching Love is officially 100% donationware. Anything and everything we produce shall be 100% free to the public, whether it’s a tabletop roleplaying game, a PC or console game, and even the art and music we may commission. The only stipulation is that no one shall profit from the reproduction or sharing of our work, or share anything we produce without crediting the content creators and/or PLP as appropriate.

As we have struggled for roughly a decade just to get this far, we would like to do our part in helping other writers, artists, and musicians gather the support they need to advance their talents. To that end, our Patreon subscribers are helping us find new talent; 100% of our Patreon funding goes into commissioning work for PLP projects. Also, check out our Content Donors to see who has generously supported PLP with their own talents!